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In the real food athlete you will learn:

  • The "foods" you need to quit
  • The important of gut health
  • How to become a fat adapted athlete
  • Strength athlete essentials
  • Why yogis need to JERF
  • How to build your plate, make over your kitchen and heal your gut
  • How to survive eating out and traveling
  • Over 75 nutrient dense and delicious recipes, even an athlete who "doesn't cook" can make!
The Real Food Athlete - Part 1 - The Technical Stuff The Real Food Athlete - Part 2 - Becomming a Fat Adapted Athlete The Real Food Athlete - Part 3 - Just Eat Real Food (JERF) The Real Food Athlete - Part 4 - Recipes

Your Questions Answered

1. Who is this book for?

The book is for everyone who moves their body and wants to support their health and performance with real food. Food that comes out of the ground, off a tree or from an animal will always be the most nutrient dense and whole food source of nutrition, and everyone can benefit from a real food lifestyle.
2. What if I'm not an athlete?
We believe everyone is an athlete. Whether you’re an eight-hour Ironman, or training for your first 5km, you ARE an athlete. Yogi? Athlete. CrossFitter? Athlete. We hope you see yourself that way and recognise the benefits of natural nutrition when it comes to living a healthy and high performance lifestyle.
3. How will endurance athletes benefit?
The Real Food Athlete was born because of the need to dispel the myths of sports nutrition companies and their multi-million dollar marketing campaigns, dogmatic carbohydrate guidelines and the recommendations that all athletes must fuel off 60-90 grams of carbohydrates per hour. We’ll teach you why you don’t need Gatorade, commercial gels or the pasta party. You’ll learn the benefits of real food, becoming a fat adapted athlete and how to fuel naturally in training and racing for optimal performance, recovery and athletic longevity.
4. Do I need to be an endurance athlete?
No! Everyone has an inner athlete and even if you are just starting out, real food is the answer to your health and performance goals, both today and tomorrow.
5. Isn't eating real food expensive?

Being sick is far more expensive than real food. We teach you how to makeover your kitchen, where to shop and how batch cook - all of which will save you time and money, and help turn real food into your new lifestyle.
6. What if I don't know where to start?
As you will learn in The Real Food Athlete, the biggest change you can make to improve your health (and indeed your performance) is to significantly reduce or eliminate your packaged food consumption. Start here, and remember, Rome wasn’t built in day. In no way do we expect overnight changes and the more you see your real food lifestyle as an evolution, the easier it will be.
7. What if I have more questions?
Please book in for your complimentary 15-minute Skype consultation with Steph today: (Select 'Consultations: Skype' to begin). We look forward to meeting you!
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over 75 simple
and delicious
nutrient dense

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The Real Food Athlete is a balanced, useful and practical approach that can help athletes of all levels achieve better endurance performance
and health. In particular, the book takes the guesswork out of becoming more fat-adapted, not only in providing valuable information, but
with one of the key components to make it all happen — recipes.

The many recipes are healthy, practical and easy to prepare — and yes, really made from real food. The accompanying food photos are worth
a thousand mouth-watering words. The book’s important message is clear. Sticking to real food not only improves your health, speeds
recovery, and helps you burn more body fat for increased energy and getting leaner, it can also help you continue on your health and fitness
quest well into the future.

This fantastic book serves as an excellent guide that athletes from beginner to elite can review regularly to
help guide them toward optimal human potential. In a world full of fake food and fake nutritional guidance,
this is a refreshingly real book by the real Steph, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have in the endeavour to help everyone
become a Real Food Athlete.

- Dr. Philip Maffetone

Author, The Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing